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Good quality sleep aid

I had been looking for headphones I could wear in bed. I was using the over the ears version with a sleep mask and playing the sleep learning videos. I'd wake up every time I rolled over.
I read all of the reviews and these headphones looked like a great option. So glad it turned out great!
First the shipping was really fast and I received the order before the estimated delivery. Quite a feat considering the delays during this time. Also the package arrived in great shape; well padded.
The unit arrived with instructions that could use more diagrams. You will need to charge it before use. On the inside of the band, at the back is a slit in the fabric and that is where the charging connector is located.
Connecting to my device took several attempts. You just turn on the unit and it goes into pairing mode. Then you turn on your Bluetooth on your mobile device and scan for the headphones. Once you successfully pair it will automatically pair the next time you turn on the headphones.
For me, the speakers are right over my ears and they fit well when placed over my eyes. When I wear it as a headband the speakers need to be adjusted to the back of the pocket to fit over my ears. I only wear this for sleep so not a big deal for me and adjustments are easy. It may be an issue for some depending on the size of their head, as the speaker pocket is 3 inches long.
Sound quality is not as good as my noise canceling Sony headphones, but once again I only wear these for listening to sleep learning audio at a very low level. The sound adjustment controls at the front of the band are very easy to use and can be used with the band over my eyes.
Battery life is wonderful. I can have the
audio play all night with no interruption.
Best features:
- Very comfortable to wear all night
- No low battery tone to wake you up
- Headband completely shuts out any light
- You wake up well rested.
I highly recommend this and would definitely buy it again.

Erick Edwards
Very Comfortable Sleep HeadPhones - Good Sound Quality - Excellent Battery Life So Far!

These wireless "Perytong" Bluetooth headphones are far better than I imagined. They are light, comfortable and their sound is very good. So good, in fact, I just ordered another pair for my son.

A few caveats: I haven't had them very long, so can't vouch for their durability. I also haven't used them in summer, so can't say they won't make my head sweat then. And I haven't used them to talk on the phone, so know nothing about the microphone quality.

I can say I've slept more comfortably with them than any other type of headphones. And I don't wake up with flat hair because at some point during the night, AFTER I've fallen asleep, they slip off. (If you don't want them to slip off ever, depending on your hair and headsize, you might want to add a clip.)

The only downside is the volume control. It doesn't adjust the sound well in either direction, but for my purpose, a single setting is fine because I only listen to books or music I own -- no blaring commercials, no phone call use.

If they break within a year, I will update this review.

Brittany Hall

I wanted to give a few days before writing a review and let me tell you these have completely changed how I listen to ASMR at bedtime. Wow. They’re so comfortable I often wake up in the morning and wear them around for a while thinking it’s just a headband, then realizing it’s my headphones!

I usually fall asleep on my back but wake up on my side. Now that I’ve got these there is no pain from those stupid ear buds I used to use. I’ve had 3-4 amazing nights of sleep with no interruptions to unstrangle myself from a cord.

The sound quality is super crispy, clear and the little earphones sit nicely in their pockets near your ears. They do slide around a little bit not to make an impact on the sound quality.

The charger is tucked away in the back, and is a micro USB.


Heaven for semm bedridden in a light weitht soft BT headband.

Legs badly broke 1 paralized foot the other 4 breaks 5 years Mersa rotted a lot still there.Even sitting long horrable back to bad front arthritis. 5 fusions all failed.
I had some really good earphones to listen to Kindle Text to Speach in water thearpy.Entertainment means mind is quite and pain less.
But then I went home to play many games to make any pain less and pain pill use a lot less..But real downer no kindle reading and game same time.Sound bothers other family.So no audio Text to speach.Except with blue tooth that's squeezes to tight on head.
OMG LOVE FIRST FEW MINUTES so comfortable forget they are on.Sound far better then Fire speakers.Turned off HO and Crime scene games last night.Going to finish a Sandra Hill viking romance.Woke up book over been asleap a hour are so.I hate hard to turn off small button sound control.But if hanging out would get tore out of head band.So the best designed like nothing on BT headphones wearable ever crossed my happy to use ears.Not a cant wait to remove.Because pinched ears But a must remove before you get it is there.

Jessica Clements

I LOVE this product. I originally bought it because my husband snores, but now I use it all the time. I'll wear it and listen to my audiobook around the house while cleaning or working. It's perfect to keep the chill off your ears during walks too.

If I have the volume all the way up, I can't even really hear the snoring and it's super comfortable to sleep in. I have started thinking that even nights he's not home, I fall asleep better with it than just my echo.

I also noticed that when listening to videos with the headband, it sounds like it's coming from my phone rather than the headband because the audio quality is so good in my opinion.

Only wish is that the volume was easier to control but IDK how you'd do that without adding a cord.

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