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Rafael Leiva
If you are having sciatica pain, buy this product!

I wish I would have ordered the brace sooner, it is wonderful it gave the support that I needed to walk, I was in such pain that I was not mobile.
Thank you, and I will be buying again.

A Nurd
A big help for me

I did something that did muscular damage in my groin/hip. I had a Hamstring Brace Compression Sleeve and Thigh Support that wrapped around just my leg. I then got this one. It is much better. Having the big band that wraps around my waist makes a big difference for me. Adjusting the velcro straps to make the compression tighter or looser is great.

Tired hamstring

Had a painful hamstring injury a few months ago. This devise is very helpful to hold it in place when it get tired and fatigued after walking or doing my rehab.
Bottom like works well.

Sydney Markle
It Works!

I have suffered from chronic sciatic nerve damage/pain for five years. Due to 35 years of degenerative arthritis my chiropractor feels sadly, that it will never heal. Surgery was not even considered as reviews said chiropractic care had seen better results. I started wearing the brace 5 minutes after it arrived and have worn it daily since. The relief is incredible. I have experienced many hours of pain free movement with the brace on. The brace is not bulky and fits comfortably under clothing. I mainly wear tights with dresses or skirts or leggings and I'm putting the brace under those.

Great product!

My daughter tore her hip muscle playing softball. Instead of wrapping, I bought this to use for compression while she was healing. She wore it while playing softball, volleyball, and basketball and it provided great support. There was no slippage or stayed in place very well. Would highly recommend this product for athletes or any active person who needs hip/thigh support while working out.

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