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Nathan Gaudio
Gotta keep using it!

I use it with my skin tightening gel and my belly does feel tighter. Besides that, I’m working out every day. I think it helps to tighten my belly with stretch marks and loose skin after having a baby. I’ll keep using it.

Good buy for the price

I love this little machine. I paid $300 for 6 sessions with a professional I loved it but 6 sessions wasn’t enough. I found this machine and thought I’d give it a try since it’s wayyyy cheaper then paying a professional.

I use my machine on a different area each day in a 3 day cycle. I use a lavender scented ultrasonic gel (you need an ultrasonic gel for this machine) after I’m done I follow with Eveline Cosmetic Slim Exreme 4D lotion.

My results have been amazing. 3 years ago I had triplets and I could not shake the extra lbs and skin that I gained from pregnancy. After about a month I am actually seeing the skin tighten up. I absolutely love it.

Portable and delicate

I suffered from losing weight during the quarantine time, so I bought this machine to accelerate the speed of losing weight.
It is beautiful, portable, and the vibration is comfortable
I like it!

Suzanne M Taylor
It really works!

I was afraid of machines like this, but I was wrong! This is so easy to use. It doesn't burn, as it's very gentle on the skin. I saw results after only a few uses. It charges quickly and is very durable.

Hanging David
It’s useful for girls on a diet

This was really the right purchase for me and I was fretting about my body until I came across it and I really felt like my fat was burning and breaking down and the results were clear and I loved it

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