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Great hand pump

I recently bought a bike and I'm completely new to biking. This pump is great because it has two of the most common valves covered (I didn't even know there were two types of valves).

Construction of this pump is very solid and it feels high quality. I don't imagine this pump taking alot of abuse, but if I were to accidentally drop it then I'm sure it would only sustain minimal damage, such as a scrape. It also has a very small footprint and would fit easily on any bike. The instructions that it comes with are very clear and once you use the pump once, you'll never forget.

I'm really happy with the built-in gauge too.

Joe M
Pump works great instructions so so....

When used properly it works great was able to pump up tire to 60 lbs without major strain. My old mini pump I could barely get 30 lbs after much pumping and strain. But, but, but even though I gave this 5 stars it does have a few issues. They would be with the instructions and not the pump. After a little experimenting I was able to get this to work just fine, Also I have another pump with a screw on fitting and experienced the same issues. Again I love the pump...5 STARS,,,

Great little pump

Pumps up my bike tires and hasn't broken over about 6 months of use.
Has a nice mounting system (frame mounted clip + Velcro) and I don't feel like its going to fall off even on rough rides.
Size. Valve portion fits into the larger main pump, helps keep everything compact. Good design.
Built in pressure gauge that's accurate to about 5 PSI (probably my favorite part of this pump).
Looks good and comes in multiple colors.
You can easily switch between Presta and Schrader valves.
Dust/dirt covers on both ends of the pump.
All the threads seem to be well machined, no air leaks anywhere thus far.

Hard to pump past ~60 psi but if you really want to you can get your tires to higher pressures (I always do). This is to be expected though with this kind of pump.

Quick and easy

I've only used it once, but it was quick and very easy, and I figured it out using the "quick start" printed material. I am not very handy, and I don't know much about my bike. So that I was able to use it with ease was great. I'll keep it in my bike bag. I'll be buying several of these for next Christmas stocking stuffers. Good riddance to my old pump!

Best of the Best Pumps -Professional Bike Tool

This is a very awesome Tool! essential and necessary to ensure you always have an air source for your bike. It is professionally packaged expertly explained and there is even a video that the owner of the company wants to make certain that you understand how to use it properly. The pressure gauge is easy to read and is accurate too. The customer care is totally mind blowing... as shortly after the pump was delivered, a personal message from the Owner “Chris” was received via email to not only ensure the product is as represented, the email offers a link to the video and offers the Owner’s Personal Thank you for purchasing the Pro Bike Tool. Oh did I mention the professional feel, construction and packaging? Have a L👀K See!

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