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10/10 Would Buy Again

Bought this as an xmas present for a family member who gets really bad migraines, but ended it up giving it earlier than planned.

The heat+vibration+pressure mode drastically reduced eye pain and she loves it. 10/10 would buy again.

S. Moss
Feels like the future

Once I was able to actually stop everything I was doing and truly relax while this massager was working, I was able to appreciate how great it was.

For me, the best part is the heat compression. I suffer severely from dry eyes and working on a computer all day long doesn't help. After the session is over (lasts probably about 10 minutes) my dry eyes are almost watering. If you suffer from dry eyes, you know how great that feels. On top of that, my eyes feel relaxed.

Regarding the massaging, this mainly massages your temple region. The pressure is pretty good considering that all these massage devices have to play it safe when it comes to how much pressure can be applied. It's enough to relax you.

Lastly, I want to point out how amazing the fit and quality is. It's hard to describe this other than to say the materials used feel expensive and I feel like I'm in the future with how well it "hugs" my eye region. Very comfortable.

Give this a try, especially if you suffer from dry eyes.

Calm down boy!!

LOVE THIS! Ok so I bought this to help with my migraines (it totally helps me) but I use it for so much more. Feeling stressed? Check! Anxiety? Check!
I have a son who has some behavioral issues. The first day I got this he wanted to try because I looked cool. Well he put it on and completely went calm. He told me he felt so relaxed. And he said when he was having a hard time calming down that this would be perfect for him to help him calm down. And it has! I would pay ANY amount of money to have him feel calm.

Lin J
Many people may be afraid of buying such strange devices like an eye massager

Some users may find it a bit awkward to use at first; but it offers relaxing results once mastered.

Massages with relaxing warmth and air pressure with a built-in speaker for playing music.....a massage tool to enjoy on appointments needed at the spa......
Love the blue tooth speakers so I have music therapy at the same time. Yoga nidra is the best for me.....
Has a rechargeable battery that provides long life. Rechargeable w usb supplied cord but need cube. Folds easily for storage or travel. I wish it had a travel bag.....Different modes offers a soft, soothing massage with the option not to vibrate or shut down music....

Anna Marie Palmer
Amazing eye massager!!!

I have been getting migraines with pregnancy. I wanted to find alternatives to pain killers. I bought this and my whole family loves it. It massages around your eyes and hits all of the pressure points in your temples. This is the perfect thing to do before bed you will sleep like a baby. I also think a fun side effect is it makes my under eye more youthful looking especially right now during allergy season when I usually get a puffy!!

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