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Work great

I used this HD dash cam on two weeks ago It feels great and it is very easy to install according to the instructions. It works really well and the day and night pictures are very clear. Trust me. This is my second HD dash cam I put them all on the windshield to make a comparison. I will upload a few pictures to prove the facts. The left side is old. The right side is new. Can very clearly see the contrast effect .I like it

Easy installation and good quality

Oops! Almost forgot to leave a review! I don’t normally like to leave review for products that I purchased unless it’s a good product! I got this camera for couple weeks and use for my C300 benz. And! I recommend those who are not a great driver to purchase one since you don’t know if there will be accident occur! I was invoice in 2 times accident and both other party’s liability! They ran over the stop sign and accused me being speedy! Fortunately this time they saw I have this camera on and I have prove that is their fault of not stop for stop sign! So! Have this camera on is very important ! It save a lot of time arguing with others! Also, it’s easy to install! It didnt take my boy too much time to install. Overall good product

Great deal, bought 2

I bought this for my work truck (cma). And I liked it so much I bought a second one for my wife's car. The installation is super easy. The 170° view is great, and video quality is awesome. I had a problem with the second one I got with the rear cam not working, but the seller were happy to send me a replacement so that I did not have to return/repurchase. Great ful for that one. I will follow up review once I have had it for a while- gonna find out how it holds up to Texas heat.

Good quality Dash Cam

Iove this dash cam ,use it for several days and work perfectly .
1080 P HD recording makes everything is good .
when you reversing , screen will show the rear reverse image for you ,
there is a guide line for you to see . This function is very useful .
you just need set up G-sensor low degree , becasue it will nor full of your SD card .
above of all . I will recommend this Dual dash cam for you !!!

Y. Wei
Quality camera

This was my first time purchasing a dash cam for my old car. The quality of this camera is good and is very easy to set up by simply following the instruction. The HD video is clear and the resolution of pictures is high quality. When recording, the video is very clear to follow as well. It has many other functions that I need to figure out. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.

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