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Warm Cozy Light

This "happy light" puts out bright WARM cozy light. A couple of years ago I purchased a cheap Verilux that put out such awful cold artificial light I never wanted to use it. I actually look forward to starting my day with the Travelite! My only small gripe is that the travel case it comes with is very low quality (no padding so it doesn't offer any real protection and it's too small) but the actual Travelite itself is very well made. As a night shift worker with SAD I can say it's definitely worth every penny.

This is worth the money - have had trouble with ...

This is worth the money - have had trouble with "winter blues" for 20 years. If I use this for 20 minutes in the morning most days in the winter, it makes a huge difference. I turn it on about 12 inches from my face and have my morning coffee and check emails.

Totally Worth the Money!

Great size, I have it sitting on top shelf of bookcase and it brightens the entire living room. I feel it's the perfect amount of light for Seattle dark and cloudy mornings. I usually read while facing it for the actually 30 minutes of therapy and then leave it on behind me while I am on computer or watching TV in the morning. I can already feel the lasting difference in my mood only using the lamp 10 days. Wonderful investment!

K. Morgida
Hard to believe, but...

This thing is so helpful! I use it all the time, possibly more than most people. I've gotten accustomed to the Alabama summers, so now when the sun isn't out ALL day long, I get depressed and sleepy easily. I'm not expecting full results for about a month, since it takes about that long for my body to adjust to summer coming, but since I'm already getting positive results after about a week of use, I have high hopes. I use this while I do crunches and pushups, and if I had a treadmill I'd use it while running as well. I use it when I do my makeup and also when I do homework at the computer, which is a time where I easily get stressed out or want to fall asleep (for more than one reason, haha). But the light seems to help keep me energetic and focused during all of these activities.

Bottom line: I'm starting to feel like myself again, and it's a great feeling. I don't want to be half asleep all winter, and I don't think I will be this time around!

Excellent product

This really is a quality and "affective" ;) product. It truly has helped me get through this winter. I would hands down recommend this to someone with SADD.
It does make a little click sound though. Hoping that doesn't mean anything bad

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