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Suzi Q
Fabulous dart board.

Looks great on the wall, grabs the darts perfectly, and is a great size for our game room. Highly recommend.

It is not the adult, heavy, big deal, but perfect for kids game room. The magnetic board works great. The darts even wind up sticking on the sides of the board if that's where you throw it! Very good magnet. Very cute board.

The only thing I would have liked are some RULES to what all the colors and numbers mean and how to keep score. We still have to get online and look up how to play darts, other than trying to get the bulls eye. We don't know what all the numbers mean.

Paul Wagner
Perfect for the office!

Our team loves this board! The magnetic darts are weighted well, and stick to the board nearly every time. Certainly every bit as often as regular darts, but without the dangers.

I do wish it came with more darts, but I'm sure they can be ordered.

It was a great purchase, and the entire team is enjoying this set.

T. Russo
Well made safe alternative to real darts.

The magnetic darts actually stick well and the board
is nicely made.
Only issue is that sometimes the darts will land on a
line so there could be disputes about the point made..
Set some rules beforehand to cover that.

B. Sharath
Excellent toy, and sturdy too.

Our kids and their friends love this toy, the darts fly pretty well and are pretty sturdy. The magnets stick pretty well, but they do have a tendency to bounce off the board and shift an inch lower than where it first strikes the board. But this is not a serious con, unless you are very serious about darts - in which case you shouldn't be buying a cheap kids version to begin with. The game is a lot of fun, good enough that our son wants to take this to school for a game day.

Its a bit hard to mount on the wall correctly - if you put screws both for the top and the bottom of the board - the board sits snugly and doesn't move while taking the darts off.

Also, the darts don't damage the wall at all - this was after a kid-party with 10 boys throwing these darts at the board/wall with abandon.

Scott Turner
Bought on a lark and love it

I wanted a dart board in the game room, but with a toddler and dogs I didn't want the safety concerns of traditional darts. This dart board fits the bill perfectly!

First and foremost, the actual mechanics of play are great. The darts stick to the board with authority. The board itself is well made - it's light-weight, but so far is standing up to use (and abuse) without showing any signs of wear.

If you're a hardcore dart player this probably wouldn't be very satisfying, as the 'tips' are actually circular magnets so it's virtually impossible to group darts near each other like you can with traditional needle-tip darts. We only play for fun, so this was not an issue for us.

Put it all together and this was a great purchase, great fun, and highly recommended.

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