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Neil Patel
Very comfortable and sleek

I loved this eye mask. It had a nice feel to it and it blocked out all light from the outside. The cushion and material felt great and soft. I loved the adjustable strap on the back so you can wear it according to your head size. It also came with a case which was awesome and meant the mask stayed clean and wouldn't get lost easily. It feels great on the head and doesn't annoy the eye. It also stays cool and doesn't heat up fast. Overall, this is a great product if you are looking for something cheap and reliable. It does the job with flying colors!

I. R.
No more squished eyeballs

I started sleeping much better once I started using an eye mask to bed. I feel like I sleep deeper and wake up feeling rested. Although, I noticed my once long and full eyelashes were now small and sparse. I think it was from squishing my eyelashes every night. I also used to have a natural curve to them and never had to use an eyelash curler. now my lashes go in all ways. I looked for a new eye mask that wouldn’t squish my eyelashes and this one is amazing. The seal is much better than with any other regular eyemasks and these are so soft like satin too. If you’re looking the darkest eyemask that won’t squish your eyeballs and eyelashes get this one! I love it and will be throwing away my old one.

Comfortable, Effective, Well Made, Affordable

I purchased two of these eye masks, one for myself and the other for my partner. We live in a very sunny climate and I happen to be very sensitive to light when it comes to sleeping. I had been using a generic eye mask for some time and wasn't overly impressed with the flimsy half measure job it was providing. I began a search online for a replacement and stumbled upon this highly reviewed model. The price was affordable so I purchased two immediately.

This eye mask is the best that I have every used. It stores well and holds its shape. It is extremely effective in maintaining a visual environment absent of light and very comfortable while doing so. Perhaps my favorite feature is that I can open my eyes with the mask on and I feel that my eyes are "compressed" while I am sleeping. I notice my eyes do not feel dry as they did with my previous mask.

My partner and I are both very happy with this purchase and due to the better sleep we are getting, our bodies and minds are also very happy.

Best sleeping mask I've ever purchased

i really don't have any complains about this mask. It's extremely soft and comfortable. It blocks out all light and feels cool (temperature-wise) against your face. I think this was the best investment I could make for better sleep. For a long time I thought about buying black out curtains to make sure I can get enough sleep without light but that involves more money plus I'd have to drill holes and construct something over my window. This was the cheapest and best option to get the same outcome: no light that wakes me up early in the morning. I seriously recommend this mask!!

Exceptionally well made & comfortable

I've had a few 'regular' sleep masks - and they have been "ok" - nothing to write home about - got the job done - but they lay flat on your face, light peeks in from under your eyes, your lashes rub on the inside and eventually the elastic bands wear out ..

Well I haven't had this one long enough for it to wear out but I don't see that happening since it's SO well made.

The band that goes around your head is wider and adjustable. The mask itself is super soft and sewn very well.
The padding they describe is exactly as they say it is - it circles AROUND your eyes so you can open and close your eyes INSIDE the mask but not have pressure on them. The padding is lightweight and soft but 'seals' around your eyes so light doesn't leak through ...

I will tell you that I went to great lengths to buy blackout curtains and what a fiasco! How many pairs had to be returned because they didn't make the room dark enough, ugh. I FINALLY bought the curtains that I LIKED that didn't darken my room and then got THIS mask instead....

Best decision I could have made - NOW I can sleep 'dark' even if the room is filled with light.
I would bring this mask with me where ever I went - and in fact am going to get another for myself and gift some for a few people I think will appreciate it.

It's MUCH better than the standard mask that fits flat to your face and for just a few dollars more, you can't go wrong.

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