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Ayla Luginbill
Portable coffee maker is a GO

Easy to use, travels well, everything in one place

I love this thing… upgraded to this from the larger one, super happy!

The Portable coffee maker is a great travel coffee solution, and this new smaller one makes a BIG difference in packing size. I tossed the plastic mug it came with, and am instead using a Yeti tumbler. I pack a Porex hand grinder, and that fits inside the press on the Portable coffee maker (I was concerned it would not fit in this smaller one, but it does!). And to boil water, I used to have a kettle — but now am using a simple coil. Takes longer, but it's much more compact. My entire coffee making travel rig is now nearly a third the size/volume that it used to be!

Love this thing!

This is one of my favorite purchases of the year. I bought it to have good coffee while traveling (now with pandemic that’s over for a while) but I use it at home all the time. It’s easy to use, clean, and it’s compact design makes it easy to store. It’s sturdy, well designed and a delight to use. Comes with loads of filters and makes great coffee/espresso as long as you start with good beans.

Austin Pascarelli
Portability + Great taste

Exactly what I needed. I use my standard Portable coffee maker at home all the time but needed a way to enjoy my favorite coffee at work. The size is perfect, and the design allows for convenient storage. Highly recommend for Portable coffee maker enthusiasts!

great compact one person brewer when kitchen space is an issue or for the office

I use this at home for my morning coffee, and I've taken it to work a couple times as well since we've got a really subpar drip maker there. You don't have to buy an expensive burr grinder to make a great cup of coffee with this, nor be super precise about the water temperature, as it's very forgiving. I use a normal push button electric blade grinder, and grind my beans to a medium coarseness, heat my water to a boil in an electric kettle, then let that cool about a minute. Pour a little water in to get the grounds to blossom, stir ten seconds, add water about halfway up the chamber, stir, let it sit a couple minutes, pour a little more water in and stir, then press slowly. Does the trick for me.

My comments on this time as to build quality are overall very positive for the maker itself. Remains to be seen how well the rubber (or rubber-like material) on the plunger holds up. And the little case to hold a handful of filters at a time is kinda poorly engineered--mine doesn't stay closed. Small gripe considering the price, convenience, and quality of brew I get from this, but annoying nonetheless.

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