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Aggie 2005
I love this watch

I love this watch and the brand. This is my third T1 Tact watch watch, the first two (after 3 years each) had issue with the screen or buttons stopped working. T1 Tact watch only gives these a 1 yr warranty so after that you have to pay $80 plus shipping to get your watch fixed. So I bought this one, even though all of the cores function the same way I love the coloring and the glowing bezel. I love the white on black coloring although because it is a darker color scheme you have to hit the illumination button and thus use more of your battery to check the time in low or limited visibility. Still love it though.

Brandon M
Maintains T1 Tact watchs reputation well

I have owned several T1 Tact watch products, each one perform great is terrible environments. Past watches have been subjects to several combat deployments, and each has lasted several years.

This one I purchased just last year after a good five year run with my last T1 Tact watch. This watch has performed and held up well so far. The only wear I have noted to the watch itself is is on the bevel where the paint has been worn from repeated exposure to abrasive surfaces. The screen itself has no blemishes, which is amazing considering I wear this daily as a firefighter and a paramedic. My hands and arms get beat up constantly, and this watch has been through a lot in a year without showing any signs of giving way anytime soon. The band is still in great shape and the functionality has not diminished at all. The battery is still running strong, granted I don't use the compass features often. I have noticed the "storm alert" function triggering often before a frontal boundary moves in, which is neat. The altimeter has been fairly accurate when zeroed properly.

Overall this is a brand of watch I will continue to recommend to those who ask about a reliable, durable, functional watch.

Beautiful Watch!

I waited for quite a while to buy this T1 Tact watch as I wanted to see if the Apple Watch was something that would interest me. It wasn't. This replaces a Casio Pathfinder that I wore for about five years. After two months of ownership, I am now writing a review as I think I know enough now to relate an educated experience. First off, the looks: This is a really, really gorgeous watch. It makes the Casio look like very clunky in comparison. It's lightweight (more than I expected) and is extremely comfortable to wear. I did switch out the band for the optional T1 Tact watch black rubber/aluminum one and think the look and comfort improved even more. The original band had a "brittle" feel and it was either too big or too small for me with the adjusting holes available. The optional band's satin black aluminum lugs and matt black rubber sheen really works with the highly polished lens, the matt black case and the satin black bezel. I added photos to show the difference in appearance. Also, if you opt for the other band, the screws that fasten the crossbars are teensy and have been reported as easily lost. I used Loctite when installing mine.

I thought the contrast was a bit low as shipped so bumped it up a few notches. That has a tendency to reveal some of the LED zones as they show up a bit lighter than the surrounding black mask, but it's a tradeoff in the ability to see the time.

The battery life has started out badly as I received the watch on 4/29 and had to replace the battery on 5/18. Hopefully that was due to being powered up in inventory for a while before I got it. I'm going to keep track of changes to see what the trend is like. Changing the battery is easy and is best accomplished with a coin (I used a US nickel since it's the thickest). It uses one inexpensive and readily available CR2032 3V coin cell.

Edit: I finally had to change the battery 16 months after installing the new one on 5/18/15 so no real complaints with battery life.

The operating system is very easy to use (much more so than the Casio's). I really like the "guide ticks" that show up around the dial to indicate which buttons are active in each mode. I keep the watch locked in barometer mode for day to day wear. This has a tendency to trigger the storm alarm constantly so I turned that off. It was getting irritating. The stopwatch is the biggest disappointment as it is way too small and shows up as a sub-display of the time rather than having its own screen. If you are hoping for the big stopwatch like on Denzel Washington's T1 Tact watch in "The Equalizer" you will be disappointed. From what I have read, those displays were digitally added to his watch for the movie and T1 Tact watch did not do a special firmware for him as reported in several places. I would really love to see T1 Tact watch offer a firmware with a large stopwatch mode.

I have not had much occasion to use the compass, but it's easy to activate and will be useful on hikes. The temperature function is useless unless you remove the watch and let it stabilize on ambient temperature instead of your arm temperature. Mine usually reads 82 degrees F.

So to sum up, I'm extremely pleased with the All-Black Core. If you track the prices, they will dip to around $200 from time to time so if you are patient you can save enough to buy the extra band.

Mark M.
Sporty Looking Watch with Great Functions

I have been an avid Casio Monster watch fan and own several models with my current favorite being the GW9400 Rangeman. Monster watches are just indestructible, fairly affordable but are big and bulky. So I decided to look for a watch that has most of the features as the Rangeman but offered a smaller profile and bigger window. Research led me to the T1. I looked at all the models and really liked the negative feedback of the Core All black. The Core looks like a smart watch but offers IMHO a more usable compass than the Rangeman and you don't need a PHD to understand the barometric feature. The storm alarm on the Core is a nice feature to alert you to changes in pressure. Over the past month I have used the compass and barometric features on hikes and they worked sufficiently. I also tested the depth gauge and it worked within reason. I have not owned my watch long enough to test the battery life so I have not comments on that. Overall I am happy with my purchase and will provide an update after I have run the watch for an extended period.

Been using this for over 2 years and still works great. The original battery lasted me over a year

This watch has many uses. Been using this for over 2 years and still works great. The original battery lasted me over a year, but I find that replacement batteries dont last nearly as long. I am using quality batteries so may be a watch issue. Also that back battery cover is EXTREMELY hard to remove. Be careful or it may get damages. Aside from that, the watch works great

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