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It works! Clean and easy disposal of unwanted critters

Bought this trap about a week ago and had 2 hits, but nobody home the first few days. However, in the last 24 hours, I have deposited 3 mice and 2 palm rat. Set this on my lanai in Florida and am very pleased with recent results. John H, Naples, FL. Additionally- caught 5 more mice within 48 hours before we realized where they were getting into the lanai. Now nothing. Highly recommend this product!!!

Whitney Olivia Weeks
Smart Rat-Dead Rat

We tried for days to catch the big rat, and he seemed too smart it. He ended up chewing through the cords (NOT a manufacturing default, just a really smart rat!!) We used batteries and the next morning he was dead. My husband took care of disposing of the rat and cleaning it out (super easy he says, because let’s be honest, I wasn’t going near it).

Use carefully, and follow the directions.

We had a small rodent problem and could not catch that sucker for ANYTHING! He was eating twice is weight in rat poison, never phased him. Wasn’t fooled by a regular trap. Caught him
On the first night with this trap. I was on the fence about electrocution, but this is rat was ruining my life.

Hardy Irving
Nice !

Easy operation. Not a sophiscated one and this trap is really a nice solution to counter against the rat issue in our house. The performance is so amazing as rats got trapped lol !

Works as Advertised

I received the trap yesterday, and set it up around dusk last night to try and catch wood rats. When I checked in 3 hours, it already had the first one. I checked again in the morning, and it had a second one. The convenient beeping if it caught something it very nice - you know when you walk up if there was a capture. Others indicated they could not get it to work - just make sure you slide the two have together after you set the top on (it is a good, tight fit - slide the top toward the open end). Absolutely recommended.

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