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Could not be Happier - Exactly what I was Looking for...

I bought this for my 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport and I am Very Pleased with the Product.

Very Easy to Put together and my Iphone 8 Plus fits Perfect and it Charges with no Problems.

I have it Mounted on my Windshield and the Arms are very Strong not like other Products I tried that Bounce around.

I recommend this Product to Anyone!

It's as great as it sounds

So far a week in and I am really enjoying it, i've tested it out with different cords and phones and all worked flawlessly.

Wireless charging works for iPhone 11 pro, no problems with alignment for charging. Also like how it has its own power if you have a car that cuts off the cigarette adaptor with key. They thought of everything, and I appreciate the details.

Modern looks without going overboard with blue leds or anything like that, thank you! The green release buttons are diffused and dont bother my eyes at night at all.

Its great I just drop the phone it aligns and tightens and charging starts instantly, when you grab it off your fingers rest on the release button naturally on both sides of phone as well. So to release its simple and you don't even really think of the button at all.

Went from the one touch iottie 2 to this and wow, worth the wait skipping all the other models for this. Worth every penny paid.

Now only time will tell on the durability, if this lasts as long as my one touch 2 then i'm happy as can be.

It was really really good!

This is my first purchase
It was really really good!!
Thanks :)

Michael Sanders
Best phone mount I’ve ever had!

Perfect phone holder and wireless charger. Works great, very secure, and doesn’t block my air conditioning vent! I highly recommend it!

Mike Vining
Excellent product

This is the second wireless charging mount I have tried. The first one I bought BARELY held my 8+ and it drooped from the weight of the phone. This iOttie product holds my phone well and works as advertised. This product is more money than others but I would say the old "you get what you pay" for applies here.

Mike V.
New Bedford, MA

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